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Air Quality

Air Quality Action Plan Consultation - Now Closed

The Air Quality Action Plan Consultation ran between 2 March to 13 April 2020 and included a questionnaire and a drop in session at the Town Hall, Maldon.

Market Hill, Maldon
The ambitious air quality action plan set out our priorities for the next five years for improving air quality as Maldon continues to grow. The following documents (below) provide the relevant technical information around the consultation however the table below summarises the 27 actions proposed within the plan. The Draft Air Quality Action Plan 2020 - 2025 gave the full details around the proposal.

List of measures and comments for our air quality action plan
No. Measure Key Performance Indicator Comments Priority
1 Voluntary Class B Clean Air Zone Compliance with the NO2 Air Quality Objectives Target Emission Reduction 1
2 Retrofitting of buses travelling on routes along Market Hill with pollution filters All buses operating on market Hill to be of a Euro VI or retrofitted to CVRAS standard Retrofitting buses with Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology (SCRT) by accessing the DfT Clean Bus Technology Fund 1
3 Agreements with bus operators to run the most suitable vehicles on routes that use Market Hill N/A Data from e-ticketing systems will identify dead mileage Identify if single-decker buses can be used where operationally viable 1
4 Improve Hackney Carriage & PHV Emissions Standards All licensed vehicles to be of a Euro VI standard Introduction of age and emission limits for Hackney carriage and Private Hire Vehicles 1
5 Enforcement of 7.5t Weight Restriction on Market Hill Enforcement Plan Feasibility study for using smart cameras along with alternatives such as writing to operators of vehicles / take up discussion with the DVSA and traffic commissioners into operating a pilot scheme for studying traffic movements and enforcement processes. Engagement with nearby business parks. The feasibility of enforcement by Trading Standards and/or the commercial unit of Essex Police to be considered 1
6 Improve Council Refuse & Recycling Vehicle Routing Completion of project Maldon District Council Refuse & Recycling Vehicles will not use Market Hill unless undertaking collection on Market Hill 1
7 Development of a Transport Strategy for Maldon Delivery of strategy and associated actions Identify potential locations for dedicated loading bays within Maldon High Street 2
8 Haulage Satellite Navigation Routing Completion of project Work with satnav providers to improve routing for haulage specific sat nav units 2
9 Promotion of the existing ‘free bus service’ in Maldon Increased patronage The 288 bus service is a circular route incorporating Tesco, Maldon High Street and areas of Maldon and Heybridge 2
10 Dedicated hackney carriage & PHV EV Charging Point Installed Install charging point for incentivizing the uptake of ULEVs by hackney carriage and private hire operators in town centre 2
11 Update Maldon District Design Guide AQ document Published Development of an Air Quality & Low Emission Strategy for the whole district of Maldon 2
12 Park & Stride Initiative Implemented Improved pedestrian links between Promenade Park and central Maldon 2
13 MDC Team Talk utilised Implemented MDC officers and council visitors will be reminded to avoid Market Hill northbound when driving to and from the council offices 2
14 Council Vehicles Upgraded Completion of audit Upgrading pool of vehicles (parks team, dog warden) with EVs will be reviewed at time of replacement. 2
15 Implement an off-road walking and cycling route from Heybridge to Maldon via Heybridge Creek Construction of scheme In accordance with the Maldon and Heybridge Central Area Masterplan SPD ‘Movement and Connections Framework’. 3
17 Provision of airTEXT Service for the Maldon district Provision of service The airTEXT Service provides a free service for the public providing air quality alerts by text message, email and voicemail 3
18 Improve Supermarket Deliveries in Maldon Annual monitoring Work with supermarkets to consider opportunities to enable consolidation or options to divert routes 3
19 Local Freight Hub Provision of service Identify opportunities for a zero-emission delivery system on Market Hill 3
20 Smart Delivery Bays Identification of suitable locations Identify opportunities for provision of click & collect style delivery system in the vicinity of Market Hill 3
21 Information on Domestic Fuel & Woodburning Completion of project Deliver educational messaging about the appropriate fuel for domestic burning, and how to operate fires and wood burning stoves optimally to reduce pollution 3
22 Indoor Air Quality Completion of project Providing information to residents about how to improve indoor air quality 3
23 Clean Air Walking & Cycling Routes Completion of project Providing information to residents about walking and cycling routes away from pollution hotspots 3
24 Identify pedestrian exposure to air pollution on Market Hill Completion of project Short term study using real time air quality monitoring on Market Hill 3
25 Electric Bikes Trial Completion of project Operate a short-term e-bike test ride and demonstration. E-bikes can provide assistance on gradients to make the route accessible for all 3
26 Electric Vehicle Charging Points at Supermarkets No KPI. Aspirational Goal Working with all supermarkets in the town of Maldon providing EV charging points 3
27 School Travel Plans for schools in Maldon Completion of project Identify school run travel improvements at local schools through Modeshift Stars 3

Priority 1 = Reduction of emissions

Priority 2 = Local Authority Policy and infrastructure

Priority 3 = Smarter Choices

Please tell us your views by completing the survey once open on the 2 March 2020.