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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Archive

CIL Examination

The CIL Draft Charging Schedule is based on the infrastructure costs arising as a result of development put forward in the Local Development Plan (LDP), which is itself still being examined for its soundness and legal compliance.

Given this direct relationship between the two documents, the planning inspectorate has advised the Council that the CIL Examination can only take place after the LDP hearing sessions (please see the LDP Examination webpage) and after the LDP is found sound and legal compliant.

The LDP was called in by the Secretary of State to test whether the inspector had reached a proportionate and balanced view. In March 2016 the Council was advised that the Secretary of State intended to arrange for the examination of the Maldon District Local Development plan to be continued. The Inspector appointed for this purpose has indicated that the CIL Examination will follow on from this and therefore the timetable for the CIL Examination is at present not known.

Due to the delay in the LDP, the Council is presently reviewing its CIL evidence base.

Letters of correspondence in relation to the timetable are available here: