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Maldon Central

Maldon Central focusses on Maldon town centre's retail function and the continued prosperity and unique offer to both the community and visitors. Its popularity as a retail and service centre match its cultural importance within a historic town plan packed with listed buildings in a conservation area with an historic skyline. Management of town centre car parking and traffic management are a high priority to meet demand whilst not impacting on the town's unique and delightful offer.

The town's hilltop location and riverside setting are its greatest assets underpinning its historical evolution. Improving public access to the river and movement and connectivity between the adjacent Causeway Area and Leisure Quarter via riverside routes are primary considerations.


  • Project 1 - Upper High Street
  • Project 2 - Lower End High Street
  • Project 3 - Butt Lane Car Park
  • Project 4 - Hythe Quay Improvements
  • Project 5 - Maldon Riverside Route