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New Heybridge Climate Action Partnership To Launch

Published on Friday, 11th November 2022

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RESIDENTS of Heybridge are being called to action at the launch of the village’s new Climate Action Partnership – a community group for everyone interested in helping to ensure that the fight against climate change is taken up at a local level.

The new group will give residents who take part the chance to find out more about and work with other members of their local community on a variety of climate-friendly projects and schemes including:

-energy-saving at home

-tree planting

-flood protection for individual homes

-sustainable travel options and choices. For example, the recently launched Travel Essex App which has environmentally friendly travel options for short and long journeys

-solar power for homes and public buildings

-recycling best practice and minimising waste

-‘grow your own’ projects and using local produce

-a range of other eco-friendly local projects.

The idea is that with initial support and guidance on funding opportunities from local authorities, organisations and experts, the new Climate Action Partnership will be run by and for Heybridge residents and businesses.

The launch meeting of the new group will take place on Wednesday, 30th November at Plantation Hall in Colchester Road, Heybridge. All are welcome to attend, and doors will open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

As well as information on how to join the partnership, there will be a discussion on ‘What Climate Change Means for Heybridge’ following a talk by Special Guest Speaker, Professor Jules Pretty of the University of Essex, Chair of the Essex Climate Change Action Commission.

Tea, coffee and a small selection of refreshments will be provided free of charge at the end of the meeting.

For more information contact the climate action friends at