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Maldon District Council Recognised as Becoming a Dementia-Friendly Community

Published on Friday, 25th November 2022

Working to become Demetia Friendly

Maldon District Council is supporting those suffering with Dementia having been awarded accreditation by the Alzheimer's Society and Maldon District Dementia Action Alliance to show that it is "Working to Become a Dementia-Friendly Community.”

Councillor Penny Channer, Leader of Maldon District Council, said; “I am really pleased that the Council has been recognised in this way, and I would like to congratulate all those involved.  Dementia-friendly communities recognise the need to support people with dementia to help them to live well in the community. This can transform the experience of people with dementia and their carers, and this accreditation clearly demonstrates our commitment.”

Councillor Carlie Mayes, Vice-Chairman of the Maldon District Dementia Action Alliance, said; “I am delighted that the District has been recognised as working towards becoming dementia friendly. This accreditation is a real achievement for the District.  

“In a dementia-friendly community, people with dementia will not only feel supported but they will also feel included and involved in the wider community. They will have choice and control over their day to day lives. And they will feel respected.

“I’m excited to see the outcome of this important piece of work.”  

The process to become a fully dementia friendly community can take a number of years. The Council has therefore developed an action plan which sets out what it will do to increase opportunities for people affected by dementia to access local services and the wider community, and this has recently been approved by the Maldon District Dementia Action Alliance.  

The Maldon District Dementia Action Alliance would be pleased to hear from any businesses, schools, clubs, and organisations across the District who would like to follow the Council’s lead and aspire to become accredited as a Dementia friend.  You can contact to find out more.

Sarah Troop, Chair of the Maldon District Dementia Action Alliance, said “We are really pleased that Maldon District Council has created a plan to demonstrate their commitment to individuals in the local community affected by dementia.

“As our local authority they are a key contact point for local people and embedding awareness around how people with dementia are affected and the challenges they face at both operational level and into strategy will make a real difference.”


Notes to Editors:

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