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We are always keen to hear residents' views. Have your say by commenting on any of the consultations available below.

2022 Budget Consultation 11 August - 11 September 

Complete the questionnaire online by clicking here. 

The Council is appealing for residents and business owners to give their views on its financial plans for the coming years.  

Council budgets all over the country are being squeezed due to reductions in Government funding and rising costs. It is therefore vital that the Council’s limited resources are used effectively.

To help the Council make its financial decisions, residents and business owners are being asked for their views on what they think the top three funding priorities should be for the budget which will be set early next year. The survey will also help to assess how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting residents, and will give respondents a chance to suggest ways in which the Council could save money or generate income.

Importantly, the questionnaire also asks for views on a proposed £5.00 a year increase in Council Tax. This increase, which equates to 10 pence per week, would help the Council to maintain services in the future given the challenges with rising prices and the reduction in the Council’s funding.

2021 Residents and Business Survey Results

The Council holds a consultation every year to ask residents and businesses their views. The results of the 2021 surveys are now available and showed that there was.

  • an increase in business satisfaction in the Maldon District
  • an improvement in social and physical health for residents
  • positive views as to how MDC has dealt with the COVID 19 pandemic

Read the full results here

2021 Residents Survey Results

2021 Business Survey Results

The Council would like to thank everyone for taking part. The next survey will be available later this year.