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Local Development Plan Review 2021+

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Call For Sites Engagement 2022

We are carrying out a Call For Sites exercise as part of a review of the Local Development Plan and an associated piece of work called a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). Should you have any land to be considered as part of the annual HELAA review, please read the frequently asked questions before completing the form below.

THE CALL FOR SITES EXERCISE DOES NOT ALLOCATE LAND IN THE LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN REVIEW AND DOES NOT GRANT PLANNING PERMISSION. It is an exercise that the Council has to carry out and forms part of the evidence base of the LDP Review. A site might be noted as suitable but that does not mean the Council is going to consider allocating it. Prior to any allocations being made a growth option has to be chosen and much more work has to be carried out on the sites within the area of that option.

Call for sites form 

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Economic Land Availability Assessment

Site Information and Assessments

The link below will take you to the maps connected to the sites submitted in the Council's Call for Sites exercise. Please note that any updates made to the mapping system by Officers will be immediate, there may be some delay on the Site Information and Assessments document. 

Call for Sites Live Web Map

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