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Where your recycling goes

We take pride in our environment and have proved to be a well-performing District . We strive to become more sustainable and less reliant on landfill.

Thanks to the dedication of residents, the District has achieved a recycling rate of 58.00% as at March 2022.

Kerbside collections

Paper and card

Paper and card that you recycle in your pink sack goes to Green Recycling in Maldon where it is sent for recycling into writing paper, tissue and new packaging.


The tins and cans that you recycle also go to Green Recycling and sent for onward recycling into new products.


Glass from your blue box goes to Green Recycling and it is sent for onward recycling into new glass bottles and jars.


The plastics that you recycle in your pink sack also goes to Green Recycling. They then go to reprocessors to be recycled into new plastic bottles or recycled plastic items.

We are unable to recycle plastic film and this should go in your grey wheeled bin (unless your property has been selected to take part in the plastic bags and wrapping trial)

Food waste

Food waste goes to a local facility and it is converted into energy known as Biogas.

Garden waste

Garden waste goes to a local site in Tolleshunt Major, operated by BG Appletons Contracts

Bring banks

Bottle and can banks

Bottle and can banks are emptied by Green Recycling and sent for onward processing

Textile banks

Textile banks are emptied by Essex Textiles

Paper banks

Paper banks are emptied by Green Recycling, a local business.


The small remaining amount of waste that cannot be recycled or turned into energy goes to Landfill sites located within the East of England. Fortunately, this is a small amount compared to what is able to be recycled or used for energy production. In time, we hope to stop putting waste into landfill and be able to recycle all waste that is collected.