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What is dog fouling?

What is dog fouling?

Failing to clear up after a dog in any public open space is an offence.  Offenders could be served with a fixed penalty notice of £80 or if the case is referred to the Magistrates' Court, be fined a maximum of £1,000.

Payment of this notice offers you the opportunity to discharge any liability to conviction for the offence for which it has been served.  If you pay the penalty of £80 within 14 days no further action will be taken.  If you do not pay the fixed penalty within that time, you will be prosecuted and, if convicted, could receive a fine up to £1000.

If you would like to report areas where dog fouling is a problem, or if you have information about those responsible please complete our online form.

Dog waste bins

We provide waste bins around the District.  Dog bins are installed in areas of need, following requests from residents, parish councils or community groups.

Dog bins are emptied weekly, but if you spot an overflowing bin please complete our online form to let us know.