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Site inspections

Before works commence, you or your builder are advised to check for any conditions that may have been set out on your building regulation approval and your planning permission.  It is important to avoid future problems and ensure that all conditions (where applicable) are complied with.

Once you have decided to start the work, you or your builder need to notify us at the various stages of construction to enable an inspection to be carried out.  A building control officer will visit the site once works have started and discuss the next inspections that will be required.  Statutory inspections are legally required.

Inspections need to be booked by 4pm the preceding day to be guaranteed an inspection slot.  If an inspection is requested for the same day, we will endeavour to undertake this, but it will depend on workload.

Before you book, you will need to provide us with:

  • Building regulations application number (provided on all documentation, e.g. FP/02/0978)
  • Site address
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Type of inspection required

You can book your inspection online 

On the satisfactory finish of the building work, a completion certificate will be issued.  These are important documents which should be kept safe because they may need to be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors etc when moving to a new house or seeking loans.

We would strongly recommend that before you make any final payment to your builder, you ensure that the work has been inspected and approved by us.