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Building control applications

Making an application

For some types of building work, you have a choice of submitting a full plans application or a building notice.

Making a payment

  • Pay upon submission of the on-line application. Option to pay given at the end of the form 
  • Using a debit card 

Please do not use our Automated Telephone Payment service for Building Regulations fees.

Please ensure that you quote the application number, or the site address to ensure we can link the payment with your application.

For your application to be accepted, you must submit the correct fee. If you are unsure of the correct charge please download a list of our fees.

Full plans application

You will need to provide us with:

  • A completed application form.
  • A 1:1250 scale location plan (block plan) showing the size and position of the building and its relationship to adjoining boundaries
  • Plans of the proposal at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 including:
    • A vertical section through the proposed building showing constructional details
    • A detailed construction specification
    • The provision made for drainage of the building or extension
  • The relevant fee 

Charges for the full plans application are normally payable in two stages, with an initial plan charge payable on submission of the application and the remainder payable after our first site inspection. An invoice will be sent to the applicant.

The plans will be checked to make sure they meet the requirements of the building regulations. Any queries will be raised with you / your agent and when these are resolved an approval notice will be issued to you.

When work starts on site, you can be sure that as long as you build in accordance with the approved plans the work will comply with the Building Regulations. You will need to inform us when you intend to start work so we can arrange the first site inspection.

Please note we can only accept electronic plans up to A3. Anything larger than this needs to be provided in paper format to Maldon District Council, Princes Road, Maldon, Essex CM9 5DL.

Building Notice

A building notice cannot be used where:

  • Premises are designated under the Fire Precautions Act, such as offices, shops, railway premises and factories or buildings subject to the Workplace Regulations 1997
  • The construction of new houses are sited along a private street. If you are unsure whether your house is sited next to a private street, please contact Essex Highways
  • The building or extension is within 3m of a public sewer

A building notice is most appropriate for minor alterations and/or small extensions to existing houses. You do not have to submit detailed drawings and specifications with the building notice. However, we can request certain additional information, such as calculations and specifications in support of the application as necessary.

You will need to provide us with:


If alterations or extensions have been undertaken without building regulation approval it may cause difficulties when you are trying to sell your property.

This is because you cannot supply the purchaser with the appropriate approval notice and/or completion certificate, which raises questions about the building construction and structural integrity of the work since there has not been impartial and independent inspection of the works.

You can apply for a regularisation certificate for any works undertaken illegally after 11 November 1985, but you need to be aware that you may be asked to expose, lay open certain sections of the work, or submit plans and calculations to show compliance with the building regulations.

To apply, you will need to provide us with:

  • A completed regularisation application form
  • 1 copy of a plan showing the unauthorised work
  • 1 copy of a plan showing additional work to be carried out to secure building regularisation compliance
  • A 1:1250 scale location plan showing the building and at least two named roads
  • The appropriate regularisation charge payment

If you are unsure of the charge, please provide us with the information above by email to and we will calculate the charge based on the extent of the works and the complexity and give you a quote (no VAT is payable).