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Competent persons self-certification schemes

Competent person schemes allow individuals and businesses to self-certify that their work meets Building Regulations. This is an alternative to submitting an application for building regulation approval.

The schemes are run by organisations approved by the government. A scheme provider checks the competency of its members to ensure they are able to self-certify their own work with respect to complying with the Building Regulations.

A certificate is normally issued by the scheme provider to the home owner within 30 days of completion of the works.

Competent person schemes are authorised for particular types of work, including:

  • Air pressure testing of buildings
  • Cavity wall insulation in existing buildings
  • Installation of fires and boilers (gas, oil and solid fuel)
  • Electrical installations
  • Installation of heating and hot water systems
  • installation of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing and water supply systems
  • Replacement windows, doors and roof lights
  • Replacement of roof coverings
  • Microgeneration and renewable technologies (solar panels, wind turbines)

Further details of the current competent person schemes are available on the Government website.