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Parish Lists of Local Heritage Assets

The District contains over a thousand nationally listed buildings, which are protected by law. In addition to these listed buildings, there are many historic buildings which, although they may not meet the strict criteria for national listing, possess local value because of their architectural and historic interest.

We are currently developing Parish Lists of Local Heritage Assets to identify and celebrate these locally important buildings.

Unlike nationally listed buildings, inclusion on a Local List does not of itself bring any additional consent requirements over and above the existing requirement for planning permission however, it does mean that a building's heritage significance will be a material consideration in the planning process.

Individual lists are being developed for each parish. The approved selection criteria are reproduced on the inside cover of each Parish List.

  • The following Parish Lists of Local Heritage Assets were adopted following a period of public consultation:

  • Althorne

  • Cold Norton

  • Heybridge

The following Draft Parish Lists of Local Heritage Assets are currently out to public consultation:

Please send any comments you have on the above Draft Parish Lists of Local Heritage Assets to by the 15th of July 2022. In particular, we are interested to hear whether or not you agree that the buildings included meet the selection criteria. If you have any additional historical information relating to any of the buildings, we would be interested to receive this.

If you feel that there are other buildings in the Maldon District which have not already been identified which satisfy the selection criteria, we would be pleased to consider further nominations. All consultation responses will be taken into account and will be collated and presented to a future meeting of Maldon District Council’s Planning and Licensing Committee, which will decide whether to adopt the lists for these parishes.