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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

The Council is committed to putting 'customers first' and to providing equality and respect to the whole of the community, its employees and its potential employees.  The Council is therefore committed to treating everyone who it comes into contact with fairly and we will not discriminate against anyone because of their age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or whether they are married or in a civil partnership.

The Council is committed to meeting the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty and to meeting the 'three aims' of the duty.  These are to have due regard to the need to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under act
  • advance equality of opportunity between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not share it, and
  • foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it

The Council therefore takes equality and diversity into account during its work.  One of the ways that this is achieved is by carrying out an equality analysis at appropriate times to look at who is affected by a decision and to check whether the Council is meeting the three aims.  This is done by carrying out Equality Impact Assessments which the Council publishes on this website.