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Club premises certificates & premises - current applications

Premises and clubs - new applications

The Council is a licensing authority under the Licensing Act 2003. It is responsible for licensing both premises and clubs for the supply and sale of alcohol; regulated entertainment; music and late-night refreshment.

The Council has received the following applications for a premises licence or club premises certificate.


Representations and reviews can be made by any person living or business operating in the district of Maldon. If you would like to make a representation or call a review, please read the following requirements.

  • Representations should be made in writing to;

    Maldon District Council
    FAO Licensing
    Princes Road
    CM9 5DL

    • Representations will be received electronically if in a format suitable for reuse and sent to
    • Representations received out of time (after the closing date) will not be considered
    • Representations must be relevant only in respect of the licensing objectives;
      • the prevention of crime and disorder;
      • the prevention of public nuisance;
      • the protection of public safety; and
      • the protection of children from harm.
    • Where a representation is considered to be repetitious, frivolous or vexatious it will be disregarded or irrelevant material redacted
    • The name and address of persons making representations will be shared with the applicant or their agents and they will be invited to attend any subsequent hearing
    • Details of persons making representations will only be withheld from the applicant where there is a ‘genuine and well-founded belief’ that sharing that information would put their personal safety or that of their immediate family at risk.
    • Representations that are made anonymously will be disregarded

    If representations are received, a hearing which is open to the public will be held to determine the application.