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Vehicle licences

Hackney carriage (taxi)

With a hackney carriage licence, you can apply for hire in the streets or pick up passengers from the designated taxi ranks within the Maldon District. The licence lasts for 1 year and you must comply with the hackney carriage licensing conditions.

Private hire vehicle

With a private hire vehicle licence, you can pick up passengers who have made a booking with a licensed private hire operator. The licence lasts for 1 year and you must comply with the private hire vehicle licensing conditions.

All vehicles must be tested regularly at a test centre approved by the Council.

Important Changes

From the 1st April 2022 there are changes to the Council's Taxi and Private Hire Policy and Licensing Conditions.

  • All new and replacement vehicles are required to meet Euro 6 emissions standards
  • All proprietors (both new and renewal applications) must submit a basic Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Certificate (where a proprietor is also licensed as a driver, they may use their enhanced DBS certificate, but only when signed up to the DBS update service).

Vehicle licence fee

Vehicle licence fees


To apply for a new licence or to renew your existing licence, please complete this online form. You will need to submit the following with your application:

  • basic DBS certificate (less than 28 days old) - this is not required if you are a licensed driver and signed up to the DBS update service (a DBS certificate is required for every proprietor)
  • bill of sale or vehicle registration document
  • current vehicle inspection certificate (MOT)*
  • current mechanical inspection standards certificate - issued by a garage approved by the Council
  • current certificate of motor insurance
  • payment

*You must have a current MOT for your vehicle and this should be renewed before the expiry date.

Replacing your vehicle

If you wish to replace your vehicle, please complete this application form and email it, along with the associated documentation required, to .

Transferring your vehicle

If you have sold your vehicle to another person, you need to notify the Council in writing within 14 days of doing so. You need to provide the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle has been transferred to. There is no fee and it is an offence not to notify the Council - you can do this by completing this application form and emailing it, along with the associated documentation required, to The new proprietor will have to submit a basic DBS check unless they are an existing proprietor.

The new owner must then apply to transfer the licence to them and we will use the same criteria in respect of 'fit and proper' persons. You should not assume that this will always be accepted.

Other information

Under special circumstances, the Council may exempt a vehicle from the licensing requirement to display front and back plates. If you would like to be exempted from this licensing condition, you will need to complete and return an application.

If you require clarification or further advice, please email

Public register of taxi & private hire vehicle licences