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Natural Burial Areas

We have natural burial areas in Maldon and Burnham-On-Crouch known as the Woodland Glades. These are attractive and restful places throughout the different seasons, with natural grasses, wild flowers and trees creating a beautiful setting and the perfect spot to visit and remember a loved one.

Our natural burial areas offer the ideal environment to help address issues around climate change and they have been designed to encourage a habitat rich with produce for the wealth of wildlife found here. You can choose between areas with native trees and our newly developed orchards. Both natural burial areas and the variety of trees planted are an ongoing environmental investment in the future 

Every December, we hold a Day of Dedication, where families and friends are invited to join us at a ceremony to help plant trees, bulbs and shrubs in memory of those lost that year and as development into the following year. What is planted will encourage wildlife, and is a positive way in which to put life back into the environment following the passing of a loved one.  

A service within Maldon Cemetery Chapel, followed by pall-bearing through the established section of the old cemetery, provides a beautiful transition into the Woodland Glades. For many people the use of the Victorian bier for this purpose adds to the simplicity of the service, whilst for others, a graveside service is all that may be required in ‘returning to nature’. 

Guidelines of the Glade

Only single depth burials are permitted for Woodland burials (unlike the double depth traditional graves) so, if desired, plots need to be reserved next to the original grave to accommodate partners. 

Ashes can either be interred or scattered in this area of the cemetery. An ashes plot can be used for two sets of ashes. A burial grave can also be re-opened for the burial of ashes.

Burials can only take place using bio-degradable materials such as natural wood or wood composites without coatings or artificial veneers, cardboard, wickerwork, shrouds and other natural materials are accepted.

There are no memorials permitted on the graves themselves but there are plaques on the memorial wall or on wooden plinths on the perimeters and along paths next to trees in the natural burial area. Plinths are guaranteed for up to three years after which the bronze plaque may be placed on the memorial wall.

Please see our cemetery and memorial fees for more information.