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Help and guidance on sewers, drains and land drainage

Help and guidance on sewers, drains land drainage

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Where can I get advice on sewers and drains? Sewers and drains
Who is the local land drainage authority? Local land drainage authority
What is land drainage? Land drainage
Main river or ordinary watercourse? Information on main river (major watercourese) and ordinary watercourses
Who owns the watercourse? Watercourse ownership
What are the responsibilities of a riparian owner? Riparian owner responsibilities
How is the operation of the land drainage network maintained? Maintenance of the land drainage networks
What consents are required for such work? Consents required for work to watercourses
What other legislation applies to ordinary watercourses? Ordinary watercourse legislation
What about roadside ditches? Roadside ditches
What if the legislation does not cover my problem? Problems not covered by legislation
What are agricultural land tribunals? Agricultural land tribunals