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Reporting flooding

Reporting flooding

What is Maldon District Council’s role?

The Council works with its partner agencies to respond to emergency situations. If you are at risk of flooding or need advice on dealing with a flooding emergency please click here for more information.

What to put in an Emergency 'Grab Bag' and how to be prepare

In non-emergency situations you should direct your enquiry to the relevant agency detailed below.

Surface Water, Ground Water or Non-Main River Flooding

The Flood & Water Management Act 2012 introduced a number of roles and responsibilities but predominantly identified Essex County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA).  This means that any flooding caused by surface water, ground water or overflowing non-main river ditches will be investigated by Essex County Council.  To report flooding in these circumstances please visit Essex County Council's website or for information about local flooding please click here or call 0345 603 7631.

Highway Flooding - Essex County Council Highways

Highway gullies and drains can become blocked and overflow quickly, particularly after heavy rainfall resulting in debris such as stones, mud or sticks being carried from these sources onto the highway.  To report a Highway Flooding issue please visit the Essex Highways website.

Main River Flooding - Environment Agency

Main river flooding is caused when main rivers and main river streams are not able to contain the amount of water draining into them from surrounding (and potentially saturated) land.  A main river is defined as a watercourse marked as such on a main river map and can include any structure or appliance for controlling or regulating the flow of water in, into or out of a main river.  The Environment Agency's powers to carry out flood defence works applies to main rivers.  If you wish to report flooding from a Main River or check which are main rivers, please visit the Environment Agency's website or phone the incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60 (24 hour service).

Sewer Flooding – Anglian Water

Sewer flooding occurs when sewers or pipes in a community become blocked or overloaded by large quantities of water after heavy rainfall/snowmelt, subsequently causing pollution.  The responsibility for this lies with the water utility providers – in our District this is Anglian Water who can be contacted on 03457 145 145 (24 hour helpline) or by visiting the Anglian Water website.

Reporting Flooding Flowchart