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Exempt work

Certain minor works do not need building regulation approval.  These include some small detached garages, sheds, carports, porches and conservatories.  The following work can be carried out on domestic properties without making a building regulation application.

Small detached buildings

  1. A detached single storey building with a floor area not greater than 30m2, that contains no sleeping accommodation and is either:
    • Not less than one metre from the site boundary, or
    • Built from non-combustible materials e.g. brick walls, concrete tiled roof
  2. A detached building with a total floor area not greater than 15m2 and does not contain any sleeping accommodation


  1. Porches and conservatories built at ground level that have:
    • A floor area not greater than 30m2
    • Glazing that meets the safety requirements of the building regulations
    • An independent means of heating that is not connected to the existing heating system
    • Separation from the existing dwelling by means of external quality doors, windows and walls
  2. Carports with a floor area not greater than 30m2 and which are open on two or more sides
  3. Covered yards/ways with a floor area not greater than 30m2

Important Information

Although the above buildings may be exempt from the Building Regulations, other features may not be. This includes any associated electrical work or the supply of hot and cold-water pipes and hot water storage to the buildings.

Planning permission may still be required for any of the above building work even when Building Regulation approval is not required.

Competent Persons Scheme

Some businesses or individuals who are ‘self-certified’ do not have to apply for buildings regulation approval for specific limited types of work.  For more details, please see competent persons self-certification schemes.

Further information about exemptions can be found on the Government website.