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Domestic Abuse

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To read more about keeping safe please go to Women's Aid  - Cover Your Tracks Online. 

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, you are not alone. There is plenty of support and advice available to you, no matter who you are or what your needs are.

Help and Support 

If you are in immediate danger, please call the police on 999

You can call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline 24/7 on 0808 2000 247 or visit them at their website 

Support for anyone experiencing domestic abuse

If you feel that you are experiencing domestic abuse, or are concerned about someone else (including children) who may be experiencing domestic abuse there is help and support available. Click the link above to find out more.

Are you concerned about your behaviour?

If you are concerned about your own behaviour towards your partner, family member or a loved one, there is support available to you. Click the link above. 

Information for professionals

Follow the link above if you are working with someone who needs support with housing due to domestic abuse, if you are a private landlord who has a tenant experiencing domestic abuse, or if you are someone in a professional capacity who is concerned for someone. Also, select this page if you want to submit a Sanctuary Scheme referral.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is defined as an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, including sexual violence between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners, family members or carers. It is very common and can happen to anyone, regardless of age, background, gender, religion, sexuality or ethnicity. 

Domestic abuse is never the fault of the person experiencing it and it is a crime.

Domestic abuse can include, but is not limited to 

  • Coercive Control 
  • Psychological and/or Emotional Abuse 
  • Physical Abuse 
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Financial or Economic Abuse
  • Harassment and Stalking
  • Online Abuse 
  • Honour Based Violence
  • FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
  • Forced Marriages

To find out more about these definitions, check out the Next Chapter website.