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Premises and club premises certificates: variations and minor variations

Application process

If there are any changes to the operating schedule, premises licence holders need to make an application to vary the licence as there may be an impact on the four licensing objectives. The application process is the same as if it were a new application for a premises licence or club premises certificate.

If the variation is of a minor nature, it is unlikely that it will impact on the licensing objectives, therefore the process is simpler. Minor variations would include, for example:

  • minor changes to the structure or the layout of the premises
  • small adjustments to licensing hours
  • the removal of out of date or unenforceable conditions
  • the addition of certain licensable activities

If applicants are uncertain as to whether the variation is minor or otherwise, seek advice be emailing:

Unless a minor variation, you must send the application to responsible authorities (see the Statement of Licensing Policy, appendix 2). It must be advertised in a local newspaper or circular as well as by public notice(s) at the premises (on blue paper). If a minor variation, it only needs to be advertised at the premises (on white paper).

Advertising has to be in a prescribed format. To assist applicants, a recommended format is provided.

A responsible authority may contact you whilst your application is being processed if they have concerns about the application. Following discussions with you, we hope that a way forward can be agreed.

Responsible authorities, local businesses and residents can make representations if they believe it contravenes one of the four licensing objectives. If representations are made and these are not withdrawn, then there must be a hearing before Members of the Council's Licensing Sub Committee.