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Making a complaint against a councillor

When we receive a complaint

Complaints should be addressed to the Council's Monitoring Officer.  Please use the complaints form which seeks to obtain the information which will help decide how your conduct complaint should be dealt with.

The Monitoring Officer will, in the interest of fairness, inform the relevant Councillor(s) that a complaint has been made against the, the nature of the complaint and the name of the complainant may be given.  In extenuating circumstances, a complainant may apply to the Monitoring Officer to have their details kept private from the Councillor(s) who is bring complained of.  You will see that there is space on the conduct complaint form to give your reasons and to make your request. The decision of the Monitoring Officer, in respect of requests of this nature, is final.  

The Monitoring Officer will review every complaint received and may consult with one of the Council's appointed Independent Persons and on occasion relevant officers of the Council or other relevant persons, before deciding on the course of action to be taken.  Please see the Conduct Complaints Process.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the process, please contact the Monitoring Officer before submitting any complaint(s).