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Climate Action Strategy - "Our Home, Our Future"

What is the "Our Home, Our Future" Climate Action Strategy?

Maldon District Council declared a Climate Emergency in February 2021, this is alongside the 75% of local authorities who have also declared a climate emergency.

Since this motion at Full Council, we have been busy preparing how to approach Climate Action, setting out the Council’s aspirations, identifying a core set of pledges and focusing on how we plan to engage with residents of all ages, with businesses and local community groups to help understand perceptions of climate change and to change behaviours.

It is easy to think that climate change is happening somewhere else in the world. However, we now experience regular episodes of extreme weather events and flooding, we breathe in poor quality air in built up areas, we are seeing a dwindling number of bees and wild flowers, and it upsets everyone to see plastics on our beautiful beaches. We think it is time to wake up and realise that we need to act quickly to protect our home and our future.

As a Local Authority, we have a vital role to play in achieving national net zero targets. The Council as an anchor organisation is uniquely placed to provide vision and leadership to local communities by raising awareness, influencing behaviour, and being a driver for local action that makes a real difference to the local environment. Through our powers and responsibilities, and by working with our strategic partners, a range of local people and communities, this strategy sets out how we will achieve this.

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So what does this mean?

At a county and national level, there are lots of important climate and energy programmes and initiatives underway to help achieve a collective approach.

The Council already has a number of strategy documents which support the District’s environment, people’s health and activity and which promote Maldon District as a great place to work, live and visit and already helps to protect and enhance the District’s natural resources. Like all local authorities providing services to the public, the Council has several statutory duties to help protect and enhance the local environment. The Our Home, Our Future - Climate Action Strategy 2021-2030 aims to build on the work the Council does and accelerate this through further action and engagement.

The Climate Action Strategy is a positive step to identify ways to reduce carbon emissions and increase climate resilience across Maldon District. This will include developing strong climate partnership links, putting our hand up to be the first in line for sustainable transport options, finding ways to support sustainable agriculture, and encourage sustainable development.

Can I read the full strategy document?

To view the 'Our Home Our Future' Climate Action Strategy in full, please click the link here: Climate Action Strategy download link.

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