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Climate Action Strategy - "Our Home, Our Future"

What are the five climate action pledges?

Climate Action Pledges

The Council is going to take action to deliver the following Climate Action Pledges and will work with communities, businesses, local and national partners to take action by 2030.

To make a difference between now and 2030, we need to develop carbon reducing pathways and a yearly action plan setting out pilot schemes and initiatives to help us:

Person walking through grass. Text says #KickTheCarHabit

Kick the car habit

By 2030, we will take several actions including:

  • Promote and increase car sharing
  • See a roll-out of electric charging points
  • Increase use of electric Council vehicles
  • Encourage walking and cycling in place of car use

People picking up litter. Text says #CreateLessWaste

Create less waste

By 2030, we will take several actions including:

  • Establish a Business and Youth Engagement group to act as ambassadors, to promote new and established ways to re-use, reduce and recycle
  • Home grown initiatives (from garden to table) and composting
  • Reduction in waste, in particular plastic waste
  • Encourage the diversion of surplus food to foodbanks

A sunny lake. Text says #ShowNatureWeCare

Show Nature we care

By 2030, we will take several actions including:

  • Plant more trees, and support rewilding projects
  • Protect and care for our marine life
  • Set up Coastal Guardians and encourage clean and positive use of coast paths
  • Support sustainable farming

A council chamber hammer. Text says #LeadByExample

Be a Council that leads by example

By 2030, we will take several actions including:

  • Procure services from companies who demonstrate sustainability
  • Require deliveries to come by electric vehicles
  • Review carbon output of current Council buildings and vehicles
  • Support Parish councils - help them to lead by example

A pair of people talking in safety clothing. Text says #PolicyCommitment

Develop a strong policy commitment to Climate Action

By 2030, we will take several actions including:

  • Respond to Environment Bill and legislation from government in support of achieving net zero targets by 2050
  • Ensure environmental impact is represented in all of our policies and risk assessments
  • Raise funds for action - emission reduction and offsetting from Section 106 (S106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments
  • Lobby government to change building regulations and provide greater certainty on its energy mix for net zero

Can I read the full strategy document?

To view the 'Our Home Our Future' Climate Action Strategy in full, please click the link here: Climate Action Strategy download link.