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Local Development Plan (Archive)

Maldon District Local Development Plan (LDP)

Introduction / background

Prior to approval the LDP was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination. For further details, please see the Examination page.

The Approved Local Plan or Local Development Plan (LDP) was based on the pre-submission LDP 2014 as modified through main modifications proposed by the Council and submissions made by the Council at examination.

  • SD01 Maldon District Local Development Plan (Submission LDP)
  • SD04 Schedule of Minor Modifications
  • Modifications made at examination
  • SD02 Maldon District Pre-Submission Proposals Map

Key documents related to the LDP:

Timetable for future work:

The Maldon District Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out a description of the development plan documents (DPDs) being prepared by the Council and outlines the timetable for their production. Please access the LDS on the Key documents page.