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Local Plan Examination

News Archives June 2015 - March 2016 (DCLG Updates)

Update on progress with Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Maldon District Local Development Plan (LDP).

29 March 2016
Letter from the DCLG announcing that a new planning inspector has been appointed.

8 March 2016
Maldon District Council has received a response from the Secretary of State, The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, dated 6 March 2016, in respect of the Local Development Plan.

05 November 2015
The DCLG has advised "We are currently considering the Maldon District LDP. A decision will be issued in due course."

01 October 2015
Questions and Answers from DCLG regarding the Maldon District LDP.

23 September 2015
DCLG has advised that feedback, following the initial review of the Maldon District LDP, has been delayed until the end of October.

A list of Questions and Answers are being prepared by DCLG for reference. These will be available shortly.

Please contact if you have any enquiries regarding this.

14 August 2015
The Department is considering the plan thoroughly and will issue its decision as soon as is possible. To assist with this process, we (DCLG) have asked an experienced Inspector to undertake an independent review of the Maldon District LDP in order to inform any future decisions on the plan. We expect the findings of this review after the summer.

26 June 2015
The DCLG has now appointed a project lead to project manage the 'process' to "test whether the Planning Inspector (Mr Vickery) has taken a proportionate and balanced view on the local plan as a whole in the light of national planning policy".

An initial meeting was held with Maldon District Council officers on Monday, 22 June 2015.

Officers were advised that they are unlikely to hear anything further for a month or so whilst DCLG work out how they want to take this forward.

Enquiries to

22 June 2015
MDC officers met with the DCLG project lead in order for DCLG to hear the immediate questions MDC had about the process following the Secretary of State's intervention in the LDP.

Please click here for the file note on the summary of the meeting.

08 June 2015
The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, following a request from Maldon District Council, has directed that the Maldon District Local Development Plan is submitted to the Secretary of Statement for approval.

08 June 2015
Press Statement from DCLG and The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP.