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Local Plan Examination

News Archives March - October 2015 (Interim Findings)

Clarification from PINS on costs

30 October 2015
Clarification from the Planning Inspectorate regarding their letter dated 08 October 2015 on the Maldon District Community Infrastructure Levy and LDP costs.

PINS response to MDC on costs

08 October 2015
Response from PINS regarding MDC's Community Infrastructure Levy and LDP costs.

MDC and PINS correspondence on costs

06 October 2015
Maldon District Council letter to PINS of 13 August 2015 on Community Infrastructure Levy and LDP examination costs and PINS response of 11 September 2015.

Inspector's letter IED17

03 June 2015
Inspector's response (IED17) to Maldon District Council on Maldon District Local Development Plan - Interim Findings dated 03 June 2015. This letter elaborates on the issues discussed in the Inspector's Interim Findings and addresses some of the Council's questions.

E-mail correspondence from Inspector

13 May 2015
"Thank you for your letter of 12 May 2015. As you have requested, I will wait before replying to your letter until I receive the further details that you will be sending in due course in relation to the Council's position on the Interim Findings. I wish to give the fullest possible consideration to the Council's alternative courses of action with regard to the Examination."

MDC letter to Inspector and Press Statement

12 May 2015
Maldon District Council's Press Statement on the LDP and Maldon District Council's letter to the Inspector on his Interim Findings.

Interim Findings and Interim Findings letter IED16

12 May 2015
The Inspector has sent a letter to accompany his Interim Findings which summarises his findings for all of the Housing Hearings undertaken for the Maldon District LDP in January / February 2015.

  • IED16
  • Interim Findings on Maldon District Local Development Plan

Letter from PINS

08 May 2015
A letter has been received from Mark Southgate at PINS regarding the Interim Findings for the Maldon District Local Development Plan Examination. The letter states that there will be a short delay to the release of the Interim Findings.